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You Don’t Need to Have a Reconciliation Action Plan to Support Indigenous Businesses when Sourcing Corporate Gifts.

Reconciliation is a process of acknowledging and taking responsibility for the harm caused to Indigenous peoples by settler colonialism. This includes working towards justice and equity for Indigenous peoples, both in terms of relationships and in terms of tangible actions.

One way that companies can demonstrate their commitment to reconciliation is through their sourcing of corporate gifts. By choosing to support Indigenous businesses when purchasing gifts for clients, employees, and other stakeholders, companies can not only show their support for Indigenous peoples, but also help to promote economic development and self-determination within Indigenous communities.

However, it is important to note that simply buying from Indigenous-owned businesses is not enough to truly support Indigenous peoples. It is important to ensure that the products being purchased are ethically and sustainably produced and that the business is owned and operated by Indigenous peoples. Additionally, companies should strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous businesses, rather than simply using them as a one-time source for gifts.

It is also important to recognize that Indigenous peoples have diverse cultures, languages, and traditions, and to respect and appreciate these differences when working with Indigenous businesses. This can include being mindful of cultural protocols, such as asking for permission to use Indigenous artwork or designs and being open to learning about and incorporating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into the company's operations.

In addition to supporting Indigenous businesses, companies can also take other steps to demonstrate their commitment to reconciliation. This can include developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) that outlines specific actions the company will take to support Indigenous peoples, such as creating employment and training opportunities for Indigenous peoples or investing in Indigenous-led initiatives and organizations.

It is also important for companies to recognize that reconciliation is an ongoing process, and to be open to feedback and critique from Indigenous peoples, and to be willing to adjust their actions as needed in response to this feedback.

In conclusion, supporting Indigenous businesses when sourcing corporate gifts is one important way that companies can demonstrate their commitment to reconciliation. However, it is important to ensure that this support is ethical, sustainable, and mutually beneficial, and that it is part of a broader effort to build relationships and promote justice and equity for Indigenous peoples. Companies can also take other steps to support reconciliation, such as developing a RAP and being open to feedback and critique from Indigenous peoples.

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