Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated days around the world, however, it’s very different in Australia from other countries. While Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25th, in Australia, another version of Christmas takes place in July.

How is Christmas celebrated in Australia?

Christmas in Australia falls in one of the warmer months, meaning that activities are often different from the traditional ones associated with Christmas. In Australia, many families will participate in activities like surfing, street parties, barbeques and eating prawns, but some will also have a Christmas lunch and, of course, exchange gifts.

Why do Australians celebrate Christmas twice?

For the same reason, many Australians celebrate Christmas again in July. Although this is not an official holiday, it is becoming more popular each year. It allows people to have a more traditional Christmas due to the cooler weather. In July, this celebration, more often referred to as Yuletide or Yulefest, features warm drinks, fires and cosier clothes. It is also another way to bring the family together and have an extra celebration.

How to make the most of the holidays

Christmas is an occasion in which Australians can get together with family and enjoy doing activities together. This includes giving gifts and spending time as a group playing games. Soon after Christmas, you can also get the family together to celebrate New Year's and New Year’s Day.