Easter is a widely celebrated holiday, known for its chocolate eggs and fun activities for young children. It is originally a Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. However, it’s also commonly celebrated by those who are not religious.

When is Easter?

Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon, which is the first full moon after the March equinox. Taking place on Sunday, March 31st 2024 this year, the celebration promises fun for all the family, no matter what your beliefs are. It also means that you get to enjoy an extra day off for Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday, the day after.

How is Easter celebrated?

If you are celebrating for religious reasons, then it’s common to go to Mass at a nearby church. However, many people get together with family or friends instead. Another tradition is to enjoy hot cross buns on the days around the holiday. If you have children in your family, one of the highlights will be conducting an Easter egg hunt. For youngsters, the most magical part of Easter is searching for the eggs and sweets left by the Easter bunny, or the Easter bilby. A fun twist could be to leave a small gift at the end of the egg hunt too!

Much like other family-orientated holidays, such as Christmas and New Year, Easter allows you to get everyone together and enjoy time with your loved ones.