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How To Celebrate Leap Year

Another four years have passed, and finally, it’s leap year again. You might be wondering what else you could do to mark this special occasion, or maybe you’re one of those whose real birthday falls on this date. If that’s the case, then this article is perfect for you.

To make the double celebration more exciting and memorable, here are some things you can do:

  1. Throw A Leap-Year Themed Party

Perhaps one of the most common ways to celebrate your birthday and welcome the leap year is by throwing a grand party. To make it more distinctive and fun, your celebration can have a theme.

For instance, since one of the animals associated with the leap year is the frog, you can organize your party decorations and overall motif based on this concept.

To further highlight the theme, you can also plan and conceptualize the food to be served at your party. For example, you can serve gourmet food and dishes that might have a connection to the leap year or certain traditions related to it.

  1. Host A Dinner Party With Family And Friends

Aside from a themed party or celebration, if you want a more quiet and low-key way to celebrate, then a simple dinner with family and close friends can be a good choice too. You can serve and share gourmet food and hampers while catching up and making memories.

To make the night more memorable and special, you can also consider gifting your guests a party favour such as a gift basket or a personalised luxury hamper.

  1. Write A Letter To Yourself After Four Years

Writing a letter to your future self can also be a good way to commemorate this day. You can do this the traditional way and handwrite the letter, or you can also save it in a flash drive, which you can then open four years later.

You can either write inspiring messages that can cheer up or reassure your future self, or maybe some notes that can serve as a reminder of your goals and beliefs. But either way, it’s best to be sincere with yourself. This means that you’ll have to be open and vulnerable. Take some time to think about what you want to tell yourself and list them down in a draft before writing the actual letter.

  1. Travel To Your Favorite Places

Traveling and going on an adventure can surely be a fantastic way to celebrate not just the leap year but your birthday too. Traveling, in general, allows you to explore not just the countries and their tourist spots but also the culture and community residing in the place you wish to visit.

To make your upcoming trip seamless and stress-free, it’d be good to plan ahead of time and anticipate things such as your budget and travel itinerary. By doing so, you’ll be more set, which may help you avoid the hassle of last-minute preparations.

To make your travel more special, you can consider visiting interesting places that observe leap year traditions.

  • Ireland

As seen in the movie ‘Leap Year’, there’s an old tradition in Ireland- wherein during the leap year, the gender roles get to be reversed. In other words, women can propose to men on this day.

  • Finland

Just like Ireland, Finland also has the same tradition. The only difference is that the man has to buy the woman fabric for a skirt if they turn them down.

  • Anthon, Texas, USA

Also known as “Leap Year Capital of the World,” Anthony, Texas, is another great place to visit for the leap year. This is because they hold a festival for four whole days, which also includes a birthday party for everyone born during the leap year.

  1. Declutter And Donate Things

Celebrating an occasion doesn’t always mean having a grand party or gesture to celebrate. You can opt for a quiet time for yourself. For instance, you can utilize this holiday by decluttering your things and finding ones that can be donated.

Since the leap year happens every four years, chances are, you might have accumulated a lot of stuff that may be just laying around. You can take this time to reorganize your closet, for instance, and find things that can be repurposed.

Final Thoughts

Leap year only comes every four years, making it extremely rare and special. And if your birthday happens to fall on this day, it’s certainly understandable to want to do something special to mark this double occasion.

Whether you will opt for a themed party and gift hampers or you’re starting the tradition of writing to your future self; or maybe you’ve decided to go on an adventure, or perhaps you want a quiet time to yourself to reflect and declutter, this day marks a new chapter of your life. So, go and celebrate it!




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