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How to Make Your Corporate Event the Most Successful Ever.

Make Everyone Go WOW at your next  Corporate Event.

Some Networking Ideas Your Business has been longing for.  

Staging a corporate or networking event in your industry can be a daunting task. There’s so much to do and think about – and the logistics are a veritable nightmare, depending on the scale of your undertaking.

If there’s a dinner or speakers, entertainers, presenters and more, your systems really need to go into overdrive. But there is a simpler, cost-effective way that serves to create not only the wow factor but an awesome memory that will have your customers/clients or corporates, telling everyone they meet about what a wonderful event they experienced. You will be the talk of the town and if only they knew the secret behind your success, they would still be in awe

Purely Gourmet Hampers

When meeting online just isn’t cutting it anymore!

After three years of meeting, greeting and discussing business successes and challenges online, over the phone, in your office, home office or other, there has come a time when people are hanging for face-to-face interactions, because, we humans need one another to be the best we can be. We need the joy of seeing each other in real-life, 3D, up close. There’s so much that can be lost in online interactions, so many nuances to miss, so many subtle cues that can disappear into the ether.

Forging long lasting corporate friendships and stakeholder alliances isn’t something that happens by chance. It’s the result of directed targeting and logistical planning. It’s knowing where to aim and how best to hit that bullseye!

No matter what business, industry or sector you’re from, there are always distinct advantages that occur with direct networking. And even when your business is thriving, never let go of the reins. Research has shown that even when a business is at its busiest, networking and marketing should keep going at full pace – it’s a six week lead time into any marketing campaign, and if you wait til you quiet down before promoting your business again, then you’ll have six weeks of quiet time to put up with until your next campaign takes effect. So, go ahead and plan that corporate event now. You’ll be really glad you did.

The Genius Checklist to Streamline Planning for Your Corporate Event

Instead of running around wondering what’s best to do and when to do it, why not try this quick access checklist that will keep things on the smooth way forward?

  1. DATE: Choose the date and time that won’t clash with other major events. A little time and care on this factor, will go a long way to having a great event that isn’t stifled by lots of double-bookings or inability to attend.
  2. BUDGET: Once the date has been settled, ensure your budget is secured. Don’t try to find the funds after it’s all been arranged. That makes for a real headache. Have the funds available before you begin, then there’ll be no worries about going ahead and as far as possible stick to your parameters. That will make everyone happy.
  3. VENUE: Expensive and flash is not always the best way to go. Many corporate clients would prefer a more intimate and personal venue where real communication can occur. It’s easier to make an alliance or deal with someone you don’t have to yell to because they’re so far away. Stay within your budget and enjoy the sincerity of your own space. Flash environs and settings can sometimes work against forging stakeholder thinking among corporate clients.
  4. THEME: Selecting a theme for your corporate event can be so much fun, and remember having fun with your corporate clients is what it’s all about. Show them that you really do enjoy their friendship, their interactions, and their patronage. The theme should reflect the personality of your business, or the personality of the event.
  5. INVITES: Once you’ve decided on a theme, get your graphics team to come up with an invitation that matches. It makes you look more professional, and it really does come across when it looks like you’ve got your corporate act together.
  6. GIFT HAMPERS: Show them how much you appreciate them by presenting them with carefully selected and arranged gift hampers from those who do it best. Selecting the hamper is easy with Purely Gourmet Hampers. Rave reviews are there for a reason. Why bother with unknowns when tried, true, superb and pure quality are what Purely Gourmet is all about.
  7. MENU: They say that the more elaborate and expensive the menu, the less business is undertaken, so keep it delicious, simple yet beautiful. Antipasto hampers, picnic hampers and gourmet hampers are also possible here. Simply order ahead and you’re away – no stress, no fuss.
  8. PROGRAM: Planning the event is as simple as one, two, three. Usually it’s:-
    1. Introduction
    2. Thankyou and Acknowledgements
    3. Great achievements so far
    4. Wonderful success plans for the year
    5. Distribution of any Awards or Accolades
    6. Invitation to dine and mingle
  9. Thankyou! Send out a thank you email after the event to continue the good feeling vibe with your corporates. It’s not only the polite, well-mannered thing to do, but it’s also about keeping the connection between you alive and well.

Oh and make sure of course, that your marketing team is on the ball and sending out promo material well in advance of the event, all the way up to the event itself.

Hampers that have the most to offer your Corporate Event

A full on meal that stops people moving and mingling can be a real downer for the results your business needs. Have party platters with cheeses, crackers, bubbly (non-alc and alc), antipasto meats and condiments. It all makes for an easy, fuss-free fun event for everyone to enjoy and you, as the business owner/organiser don’t have to always be checking to see that it’s all going well – you just have to tuck in and enjoy.

Checkout some of the magnificent hampers available at Purely Gourmet Hampers.


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