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Its Executive Assistant Day So Say Thankyou with a Hamper. Make it a EA Day to Remember

Excite & Inspire Them with a carefully selected Hamper

Any business owner or entrepreneur knows just how much they depend on their Admin Professionals – hey, without them things would pretty much come to a stand-still, right?

For all the things they do in any one day, let alone in a week a month or even a year, they need a sincere, heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ that lets them know you really do appreciate their hard work. You appreciate their consideration, their input, their intelligent application of ideas and concepts, their brilliant running of things in a way that no-one else can.

But what kind of gift would be most well-received?

When you’re trying to think of something that’s just right for one, you may be disappointing another – or you’ve found a gift that you know they’ll all like, but would that look like you didn’t care enough about them as individuals? And what about all the time it will take to do it properly?

When you choose a targeted and appropriately selected Hamper from Purely Gourmet, you can stop worrying. It’s all taken care of – it’s all beautifully presented and all types and styles of preference are beautifully considered.

Some Hampers they’ll adore…

For those of your wonderful, helpful, oh-so-good for you and your business Admin Professionals who enjoy a fine glass of Chandon and a bit of a gourmet, continental nibble fest why not choose the Chandon and Antipasto Hamper? It’s delectably full of treats they’ll be happy to dive into. What about a 750ml bottle of Chandon Brut NV to wash down Mount Zero Mixed Olives, Random Harvest Wafer Crackers, Quince Paste and Whisk and Pin Dried Mixed Berries. Sumptuous.

And the Festive Celebration Hamper?

This magnificent party piece goes a long way to saying ‘Good Job – Awesome!’ It’s packed full of celebratory goodies that will certainly be enjoyed by many. What about these gourmet and tasty treats and goodies?

Munching on and savouring Orchard Valley Cashew Soy Mix and Bramble and Hedge Nougat is a treat enough on its own, but wash that down with 750ml of Yering Station Little Yering Rosé, 750ml Yering Station Chardonnay and three cans of artisanal Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Beer and you’re sure to have hit all the right notes to satisfy a variety of tastes. Good centrepiece for any party.

For the Admin Professional with sophisticated tastes?

When your thanks to this Admin Professional needs more than a nod of gratitude, why not give the gift of real appreciation? The Ultimate Pamper Hamper is the choice of those in the know, the choice of those who love to give the best, who enjoy and admire those whose work contribution is priceless. And what’s not to enjoy? If ever there was a hamper that demonstrated gratitude, it surely has to be this. Some of the treats to enjoy are – a 750ml bottle of Chandon Brut to wash down Bramble and Hedge superior and smooth Nougat, a Whisk and Pin Fruit Salad, Whisk and Pin Rosemary and Pink Salt Cashews and beautifully rich and delightful Ernest Hillier Milk Choc Scorched Almonds. And to round off the delectable gourmet grazing, why not let them indulge in the feel of Peppermint Grove Hand Cream and Australian Botanical Soap? A luxurious Bambury Micro-Plush Robe is the finishing touch to this Hamper of style. Splendid choice.

For Sophisticated Palates … the timeless elegance of the Gourmet Penfolds Hamper

They’re always deserving of a touch of class to underscore their own priceless contribution to your business. Why not let them know how much you appreciate them with the Gourmet Penfolds Hamper? It’s rich, tasty, gourmet and just yum. Starts with a generous 750ml bottle of Penfolds Kalimina Bin 28 Shiraz 2018 and leads to the lush Melting Moments, then to the Bramble and Hedge Nougat that is topped off with the Whisk & Pin Pistachio and Cranberry and Random Harvest Raspberry Sauce. What a way to go!

For the one who recognises a great gift and award of excellence…

The Pepperjack and Australian Sweets Hamper with a little of this and a lot of that, is just the right combo to treat and spoil your hard-working Admin Professional. With a sumptuous Pepperjack Shiraz goes a delectable sachet of Chickpea Puffs, Bramble & Hedge Nougat, a yummy Whisk and Pin Rocky Road, a Whisk and Pin Fruit Salad and finally a pack of Random Harvest Traditional Raspberry Drops. Mmmm. Delish.  

There are so many hampers to choose from that it’s worth having a closer look at what’s on offer on the website. Check it out now…

But Wait! What Should I write on the card?

A two word blot on the card ‘from Bob’ really would let down the side. Let’s face it, you can’t really give them a world-class hamper and then not follow up with a sincere, thoughtful and heart-felt message.

And to make it easy to choose, here are just a few messages you might like to adopt, adapt and use as your own.

  • Things just wouldn’t be the same without your all-knowing guidance! Thank you.
  • Throughout the whirling of the days with need-right-now tasks flying all directions, you always know what to do, where it is and how to get to it. Wow. Thank you.
  • It’s obvious to all who know and come into contact with you, that your efficiency, steadfastness and clear-minded focus are a huge contribution to our success. Thank you.
  • Ta mate! Woo hoo! Yee Hah! Way to go! Love what you do and how you do it. Mega thanks.
  • Just a token of appreciation for a wonderful, intelligent and very competent Admin Professional. Thanks a heap.

It all adds up to…

When it comes down to brass tacks, the base-line, the end of the day – people are people and they work best, contribute more and engage deeply in workplaces where they feel most appreciated. They know you appreciate them. You know you appreciate them, but having a surprising tangible token of that appreciation, for all to see, is one of the most potent ways to express the way your business ‘feels’ about them.

Why not select a hamper from Purely Gourmet and make the quick and easy selection for a very, very special person/s and workplace professional? Really, really good way to go.

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