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Looking to plan a wine tasting party? Here's how

There are so many kinds of different parties that you can throw, but one of the most refined and classic is a wine tasting party. Throwing one at home is a wonderful way to bring together your friends and family and enjoy something a little different! When it comes to wine tasting, you don’t need to be a sommelier to get the most from it - it can be easy and relaxed, whether for a special event or just a little gathering.

Here, we will look at what you need to make your wine tasting party fun and informative, including some ways to make it a little easier.

Types of wine tasting party

There are as many different types of wine tasting parties as there are people! Don’t worry if you want to throw a less formal event, as you can easily incorporate wine tasting into any kind of special occasion. Maybe you are looking to organise a work event with your colleagues or you want to give your birthday that little something extra. Whether you want to ask everyone to dress up to the nines for a lavish wine tasting and sit down meal, or you want to throw a hen party with a little flourish, wine tasting can be a great option. You will get to learn more about different wines, find new favourites, and have some serious fun becoming a little bit of an expert.

Themes for wine tasting parties

Guess the wine

For a little extra fun, you can do a blind taste testing! Choose a wide range of wines and hide the labels, having your guests guess what type of wine they are drinking, including the grape type. If you have some wine experts on your hands, you can go one step further and try to guess where the wine was made.

Guess the value

Choose wines that have different price points and have your guests guess which is the cheapest and which is the most expensive - the results might surprise you!

Bring your favourite

If your guests are committed to a certain bottle of wine, then have them bring their favourite and make sure everyone brings something a little different. That way everyone can try a different kind of wine and see if they can discover a new favourite!

What do you need?

Once you have decided the theme of your wine tasting party - if any - then you will want to stock up on the right supplies to make sure your wine party goes off without a hitch. You will need to buy some wine glasses, depending on which sort of wine you are planning to have at your party. Different types of wine work better with different shapes of glasses, but if you have standard glasses then that’s okay, too!

You will also want to think about cleansing your palate in between your wines, so have some very chilled water - still and sparkling - on hand. Make sure to have some nibbles to complete your party (more on that later).

Look on the wine maker’s site for the wine tasting notes, and give your guests notepads and pens so they can make their wine tasting notes and guesses if you are doing a theme.

Of course, don’t forget your wine…. And make sure you check what temperature is best to store it at so you get the best out of each bottle.

A wine tasting rule - to be broken!

You may have noticed that at many wine tasting parties, or if you have visited vineyards, the custom is to spit the wine out. To taste a wine in full, spitting it out brings out more of the flavour and aroma of the wine, allowing you to appreciate every note. However, you don’t have to spit your wine if you don’t want to! Unless you are a world-class sommelier, swallowing your wine will work just as well.

If you do decide to spit some of the wine to see the difference it makes, make sure to have little separate receptacles for each person so that they can do it cleanly!

Remember the food!

Serving food is a great part of your wine tasting party. Not only are nibbles a good way to cleanse your palate, but they also make it more of an event. The classic thing to serve at the typical wine party is a cheese plate, and you can also serve a selection of crackers, cold meats, fruit, and olives. Every wine tastes better paired with a certain kind of food, and this is especially important to consider if you are going to serve a full meal at your party. For example, if you are planning to serve sparkling wine, you will want to serve plenty of fruit and perhaps even some delicious pate, whereas red wine goes well with stronger cheeses and a charcuterie board.

How to taste wine

Tasting wine is not as straightforward as you might expect, but it doesn’t have to be needlessly complicated. First, you must look at the wine and assess the colour of it - this can give little hints of how the wine will taste, and how it was aged. After this, you can swirl the glass to awaken the aromas of the wine, and then you smell the wine. Finally, you may sip the wine and keep it in your mouth for a few beats, in order to note whether the wine is bitter or sweet. Then you can savour the wine and see how the flavour changes. After this, you can either swallow or spit your wine.

Don’t forget your essentials

When it comes to a wine tasting party, you have to remember the essentials. It’s that much easier to get ready with a gourmet hamper. Whether you want a sparkling wine or a nice strong red, there is a hamper to suit your taste with Purely Gourmet. Coming with a range of snacks to go with your wine, these hampers make it fun and simple to arrange any kind of wine party, or to just treat someone you love.



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