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Your guide to sending a gift hamper to Australia from overseas

There are so many special occasions when you might want to send a wonderful gift to someone you love. If you want to send a gift for a birthday, for Christmas, or to commemorate a wedding or graduation, you want to know that you are sending the ideal gift that will arrive at the perfect moment.

However, when you are based outside Australia, sending gifts back to relatives and friends can feel difficult and end up being rather expensive - not to mention unpredictable timeframes making it hard to know when your gift will arrive, and whether it will even get through customs safely.

Many of us have relatives overseas, whether you were born in Australia or elsewhere, and you need to know that your gift will get to your loved ones.

Here, we will explain how you can send the perfect gift and make sure it gets where you need it to go right on time.

The perfect gift

A hamper is a great gift to send to anyone for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a way to give a couple you love a great date night or you know someone who recently had a baby and is in need of some extra pampering, a hamper can let them know you care, wherever you are. Not only that, but with Purely Gourmet, we can take all the hard work out of sending that ideal gift.

The impact of the pandemic

New restrictions put in place with the COVID-19 pandemic have made seeing your relatives more difficult than ever. Even delivery times have been impacted, with border policies changing continually around the world and postage prices inflating. Australia has been particularly impossible to get to. So why not let Purely Gourmet give your friends and relatives the treat they deserve until you can see them in person again - that’s something you can rely on.

Choose your hamper

There are some things you want to consider when you are looking to send a hamper overseas to Australia. Whether you are in the UK, USA or Europe braving the rain and colder weather that's common during the festive season, those in Australia are most likely to be wearing t-shirts and shorts as this is their summertime. So while you might want to send a cosy hamper, their tastes may be different, and they may simply be longing for a cold beer on the beach!

Ordering your hamper

Are you worried about ordering your hamper to be sent to Australia if you live overseas? You don’t need to post things from outside of Australia in order to send things to relatives or friends who live there. The easiest way to ensure delivery is to order from a company that is based in Australia. Purely Gourmet is based in Melbourne, giving you the peace of mind that your gift won’t be subject to border policies and the delays associated with sending gifts from other countries.

Arranging a gift delivery is easy, wherever you live. Even if you order from overseas, you will enjoy the same fantastic guaranteed delivery time of between one to seven days. You cannot send many different types of food into Australia from overseas, so it is best to order internally.

We can send your hamper all across Australia from our Melbourne base, and you can personalise your hamper with a gift card for that extra special touch.

How can you order?

If you are looking to order the perfect hamper from outside Australia to go to a loved one who lives here, you can choose any of our amazing hampers. Simply select the one you want and add it to your cart. You will be able to personalise your hamper with a message - so think about what you want your gift to convey! When you enter your billing information, it is fine to put your own information as normal - just make sure that you enter the delivery information of the recipient, rather than your own address. Then all that is left to do is to pay and complete your order. That’s all there is to it. You will receive your order confirmation and your hamper will be sent out, so if you choose to have tracking included you will be able to see your hamper’s progress and know when it makes it to your lucky loved one.

There aren’t any hidden expenses or delays associated with ordering from overseas, but keep in mind that Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions are changeable. However, we do our best to get your hamper to your loved one as quickly as possible without disappointment.

Hampers for everyone

We have hampers for everyone, for any occasion. There are pet hampers for those who love their fur babies more than life itself and Christmas hampers especially for the festive season, as well as beer hampers to relax with. Whatever kind of things your favourite person is into, you will be able to find a hamper to suit them - and send it easily without the restrictions you might expect if you were sending a parcel from overseas.

What to do next

Now you know how easy it is to send a hamper to Australia from overseas. With our amazing range, all of your gifting worries are over! You can easily send your loved ones that ideal gift for all those celebrations you haven’t been able to come to Australia for. We even offer a refund policy if your loved one isn’t happy with their gift or there are any issues that crop up unexpectedly. Browse our full range at Purely Gourmet to find the best hamper for that important occasion - once you see how easy it is, you will want to send everyone you love those wonderful hampers whether for Christmas, birthdays or just because you’re thinking of them.

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