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5 Essentials for an Australian Christmas Lunch

The festive season is rapidly approaching, with thoughts of decorations, gift-giving and planning taking up plenty of room in the average Aussie's head. But while Christmas lunch is something to look forward to, you'll also want to make sure you've got everything planned ahead of time. If you want to avoid the stress and rush of bagging your Aussie Christmas lunch with no hitches, a solid plan and a good idea of what you need is the place to start.

At Purely Gourmet, the festive season is firmly marked as one of our favourite days of the year. With great food, fun gifts, and all kinds of family get-togethers, what's not to love about Christmas day? With dozens of options for luxury Christmas hampers and festive presents, we're all about celebrating the season in style. With that festive spirit in mind, we've covered all of the essentials you'll need to help make the next Christmas lunch your best yet.

Whatever the weather, here are the bare essentials that should be taking up room on the table once lunch rolls around:

A selection of quality seafood

What's Christmas lunch without a tasty selection of prawns and seafood to enjoy? While our European cousins may opt for heavy dishes and wintery feasts, Aussie's sunny shores are all about the seafood platter when it comes to our Christmas celebrations. Throw in a range of different seafood-friendly dips, salads, and sauces, and you'll be celebrating Christmas in style with these essentials.

Some crisp Christmas crackers

No, not the type you eat. No Christmas lunch is truly festive without the inclusion of a Christmas cracker or two to help the festivities start with a bang. Whether you're going all-out on luxury crackers or you're a big fan of the old-school joke crackers of your youth, there are plenty of options out there for these table staples. What's Christmas without a bad joke or two?

That all-important Christmas ham

The centrepiece of your Christmas setup is just as essential as all the sides and extras you throw in. A local, glazed Christmas ham is a must-have classic for the average lunch table. Bonus points if you've spent hours researching recipes, preparing the ham, and glazing it with the ideal sweet, sticky coating. Sweet, smoky and with plenty of crackling – that's a tasty way to get Christmas off on the right foot.

Plenty of cherries

If you have a particularly sweet tooth, cherries are one essential you don't want to miss out on with your Christmas lunch. With their short, ripened season lining up perfectly with the holidays, juicy cherries are an ideal side dish that is well worth snagging when you plan your festive shopping expedition. You don't get much more festive than that classic red and green hue.

A sweet and fluffy pavlova

No Christmas lunch is complete without one last essential - the pavlova. Whether your preference is summer berries, grapes, or something a little more tropical, the pavlova is one Christmas table must-have you don't want to scrimp on. Light, bright, and beautifully fluffy, the pavlova is the ideal palate cleanser after a rich Christmas meal. Plus, it's delicious in its own right too.

What other essentials are a must-have for Christmas day?

Beyond the big-ticket meal, there are plenty of other elements that will help your Christmas day go off without a hitch. Whether you're all about big family celebrations or you prefer something more low-key, here are a few of the other essentials you'll want to tick off your Christmas list:

A stellar selection of drinks

High-quality wine and beer are the perfect way to round off a successful Christmas meal. Whether you like an odd glass with your glazed ham or you prefer to relax following the main event, a luxury festive celebration hamper has everything you need to keep the celebration going. A wide selection of options is the best way to ensure everyone has a little bit of something to enjoy, while the kids have fun with their new toys and gifts.

The perfect pampering kit

The stress of Christmas can get to the best of us. So once the table has been cleared, and all the guests have left, settling down for a relaxing pamper session is the ideal way to end a busy day. A quality pamper hamper gives you all you need to get into the Christmas spirit again, reducing stress and ensuring you enjoy the last few hours of the day.

Plenty of sweet treats and simple nibbles

Beyond the Christmas lunch itself, you'll want to keep a steady supply of nibbles and tasty treats around to keep everyone happy. Whether you're a fan of the big bowl of luxury crisps or you prefer more select confectionary, there are plenty of options out there. With chocolate and treats for the little ones and more grown-up snacks for the adults, everyone stays happy and gets the most out of Christmas day.

A gift that keeps on giving

What's Christmas without a little gift-giving? If you're stuck on what to get your loved ones, a luxury Christmas hamper is the ideal option. With a whole range of options, from pamper kits for one to couple-sized kits and booze-filled boxes, there's something for just about everyone. If you know someone difficult to buy for, a luxury hamper is the best of both worlds – a thoughtful gift without the headache of shopping for all the components yourself. Now that's a festive essential in our book.

Are you looking for the ideal hamper to gift this Christmas? Whether you're shopping for essentials or getting your planning hat on, Purely Gourmet got plenty of options to choose from. Browse our range online today to discover the essential gifts that your loved ones will adore. Questions? Drop our team a line today, and we'd be happy to help.

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