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Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas to Congratulate New Homebuyers

When it comes to life milestones, few are quite as exciting as receiving the keys to your brand new home, whether it's for the first time or you are upgrading to a bigger and better property. It is an occasion to celebrate, and having a housewarming party is essential so that all your friends and loved ones can congratulate you.

If you have been invited to a housewarming for a new homebuyer, choosing the right gift can be a touch overwhelming. There are only so many bottles of champagne they can receive before it gets a bit tiring.

Fortunately, there are many creative, practical and thoughtful gift solutions out there that they will love. Here are some of our suggestions so you can make a big impression at the next housewarming party that you attend.

How to choose the right present for your homebuyer loved one

On many occasions, you will know the person throwing the party. Sometimes, though, it might be a friend of a friend or a more distant family member that you don't know well.

This is not an excuse to get a generic gift; put some effort into discovering their personality so you can choose a gift that they will actually want. Discover their likes and dislikes, their favourite colours, hobbies and what they might like in their new home.

That way you can choose a present they will actually like and use, rather than just store in a cupboard, never to be seen again.

Take a traditional approach

Originally, housewarming parties were held to accommodate the new homeowners as they settled into their new homes in medieval times. Local residents would bring firewood to the hearth to keep the house warm and scare away any bad spirits. There are many creative housewarming gift choices available today, but it is fun to reinterpret the traditions of historical housewarming gifts for today.

This is where traditional gifts like candles, houseplants and gourmet food products can make excellent, practical presents that are sure to be used. You can even combine a number of these items and assemble them in a gorgeous basket or hamper for the ultimate housewarming present.

Another great suggestion in this category is freshly baked bread. You can make it yourself or purchase it fresh from your local bakery. This can be wrapped in a beautiful tea towel for an excellent presentation and as an extra gift.

Gifts for the garden

For those homeowners with a green thumb, attacking the yard and gardens is likely going to be high on their agenda. Help them get started with outdoor decorations, pots and gardening tools. There are many garden-themed gift ideas for housewarmings, including designer seedlings and attractive terracotta pots that look lovely and are practical as well.

Depending on their tastes and décors such as mobiles, bird feeders, wind chimes, and garden sculptures, there is no limit here. When you move into a new home, you need a toolbox or belt, too. Include some luxury items such as a sturdy torch, in addition to the essential tools like a hammer and screwdrivers. This is another gift idea that can be bundled up into a hamper so you can include several items that they will be itching to use in their brand new yard.

Gifts made from wood will leave a lasting impression

The material you present often carries a lot of meaning, as is the case with wood. You can buy wooden bowls, baskets, or even personalised wooden wall art that symbolise stability, harmony, and peace. Many decorative gifts can be made with wood. When made from wood, serving boards make excellent practical gifts.

You can also make a home decor accessory that becomes a lasting housewarming gift. For example, a wooden basket decorated with a friendly message filled with treats is the perfect welcome-to-the-neighbourhood present.

Customised gifts will offer the personal touch

It doesn't matter what gift you decide on; it is always a great idea to customise it. This will mean the recipient knows it was selected specifically for them and not just picked up off the shelf (or an online catalogue). There are so many items available that you can personalise with messages like "welcome home" or their names emblazoned on them.

Coffee mugs, dining sets, glassware and coasters are all excellent housewarming presents that can be customised and even broken out for use at the housewarming party itself. It doesn't cost much extra to add a personal touch, but you can guarantee the new homeowners will well receive it.

Gift vouchers are a perfectly acceptable housewarming present

There may have once been a time where a gift voucher was seen as a lazy way out, but not anymore. Australians spend up to $2.5 billion on gift vouchers every year, and they are available for almost any store, hobby or interest.

There are multiple benefits to giving a gift voucher:

It allows the recipient to shop for practical items that they truly need from vendors they genuinely like.

Buying a house is an expensive exercise, so a bit of financial relief might be just what the doctor ordered.

While people will be reluctant to accept cash, a gift voucher will be graciously accepted and used.

What NOT to give as a housewarming present

The No.1 thing you should never give anyone as a present (for any occasion) is a pet. While you might think a furry friend will make a great addition to a new household, this is a huge decision and commitment. Our RSPCA shelters are already overflowing, and many of those animals were unwanted gifts presented to owners who could not care for them.

Novelty gifts should be avoided as well. While we all love a good laugh, this is a serious occasion and a considerable investment that deserves more than a simple novelty that will likely end up straight in the bin.

Finally, avoid any presents that could make the recipients feel guilty. For example, a hamper full of healthy weight loss products might seem like a good idea at the time, but you can guarantee their weight will be all they think about at their housewarming party.

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