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Best Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Adults

You want to put together a thoughtful and meaningful Easter basket for your loved one, but you're not sure how to do it.

You could go with the standard Easter candy or chocolate bunny that everyone else is giving out, but why would you settle for something so dull?

Don't settle! It's time to get creative with your gift-giving. We've compiled some great ideas for a fantastic adult Easter basket that will make them smile all year long.

Support their green thumb with a gardening-themed Easter basket

Gardening is the perfect activity to do with your family. It's fun, rewarding and it gets you outside in the fresh air. Plus, gardening can be done at any age — from kids to grandparents — so everyone can get involved.

With this Easter basket full of everything needed for a successful start, they will be all set for their first garden project or some new inspiring ideas to try in the yard.

Knock them for six with a sports-themed gift basket

Sports fans are some of the most dedicated people in the world. They're always watching games, cheering on their favourite teams, and playing sports themselves. Now you can help them celebrate the holiday in style.

No matter what sport they are into, all kinds of gift ideas are available, from replica jerseys to nostalgic memorabilia. You can even personalise some of the items with custom messages or names.

Put together a gorgeous and practical Easter beauty hamper

If you want to give something special this year without being too generic, try putting together an Easter beauty hamper for someone. It's a great way to say "I love you" while also giving them something valuable and fun.

You can include a range of on-trendy, ethical and popular beauty items, and these baskets aren't just restricted to women either. You can easily put together a men's beauty hamper, including products like cologne and beard oil.

Wellness hampers for the health-conscious

You could make everyone a lovely basket of chocolate, but that's boring. Plus, most people are trying to eat better these days, so they don't want all the sugar in those chocolates anyway.

The chances are you know a loved one that is focused on their health and wellbeing, possibly vegetarian or vegan. The last thing they want is a basket full of sugar, so shop for health-orientated alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth without breaking their lifestyle.

Give them everything they need to make the ultimate cocktail

This is the perfect gift basket for anyone who loves to entertain. You can fill it with everything they need to make a unique or popular cocktail, with a top-shelf liquor bottle as the centrepiece. These can be colour-coordinated for a striking effect, and you can even package it all in an ice bucket.

It is an elegant and classy way to impress cocktail lovers, and you can even personalise the items by including engraved bottle openers, etched glassware and other cocktail tools.

Go premium with your chocolate selection

You don't need to abandon tradition completely, chocolate remains the most popular gift option at Easter, and there are variations on how you can present this sweet treat to loved ones.

Chocolate bunnies and eggs wrapped in shiny foil are firmly the domain of children, so think about premium chocolate products and brands when looking for a gift for your loved one. You can ignite their senses with different premium brands worldwide, all lovingly presented in a quality basket.

Impress the craft lover with a themed Easter gift hamper

This Easter, give your loved one the gift of creativity with a fun, and exciting craft themed Easter basket. It comes filled with books and craft kits to get their creative juices flowing. They will love unwinding in an adult colouring book or stitching up an embroidery kit.

The sky is the limit for inspiring, creative gift ideas that you can put in these gift baskets, and you can even handcraft the box or hamper that they are presented in.

Retro-themed gift baskets that will bring back nostalgic memories

These are the perfect option for the kids that never grew up. Retro gifts are on-trend so that you can include a range of quirky and practical items printed with retro images.

There are so many ways you can make them smile, Super Mario Bros coffee cups, Ghostbusters notebooks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunchbox; you don't need to look too far to find cool retro items that they are going to love. You can include retro confectionery brands too, like Fantales, Fads Fun Sticks, Red Frogs, Freckles, Jelly Babies, and so much more.

Pamper hampers

Fill your gift hampers with the finest quality items that will make them feel like royalty for a day. You can start with luxurious bath bombs and gourmet chocolates and work your way up to plush bathrobes as the centrepiece of the basket.

For those looking to seriously impress, you can even slip in a voucher for a spa day, beauty treatment, or any range of pampering services that will leave them feeling thoroughly relaxed and refreshed.

Travel gift baskets for your globetrotting loved ones

Do you have a friend or family with wanderlust? OK, COVID-19 has pumped the brakes on travel for close to two years, but there is great hope that your jet setting loved ones will be able to travel the world again soon.

Help remind them and inspire them with a travel-themed hamper including a stylish carry-on bag, a journal, a travel organiser and maybe some brochures and pamphlets on the best countries to visit when the borders open again.

These are just some suggestions; your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to putting together an Easter gift to remember for your adult friends and family. So don't take the easy chocolate bunny route this holiday season - match the hamper to their personality and give them a gift they will love.

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