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The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Corporate Clients

The Real Value of Corporate Gifts at Christmas

In Australia, over $23 billion was spent on Christmas in 2021 (ABS) and 2022 is set to top that. This underscores in a very serious way, how much Christmas means to the economy, to businesses and to individuals. From a business or commercial perspective, developing stakeholder and client relationships is essential for future contracts and profits. So, recognising the value of Christmas to your business, would you want to ignore your vital corporate clients at this essential time?


The real value of corporate gifts at Christmas is soothing and smoothing the way for more interaction in the near future. Every client wants to feel right about the decisions they have made and choosing your business should be a decision they feel proud of. You have worked hard to gain their trust and confidence and now at Christmas, it’s time to celebrate your corporate relationships.  


Corporate Christmas Gifting is saying thank you for being a part of our client family. It’s raising a glass to the ups and downs and celebrating the wins. It’s about forging ahead in trusted and true ways and daring to take new paths. It’s a time for proclaiming in a genuine Aussie way ‘Howzat!’ And most of all, it’s about communicating to them how much you appreciate them, because without them, where would you be?


5 Approaches to Saying a Merry Corporate Christmas

At Purely Gourmet we’ve seen many gifts and hampers go to corporate clients from business owners. At the heart of the gifting is the earnest wish for Christmas joy. And in a spirit that reflects this and more about Christmas corporate gifting, Purely Gourmet has put together a wonderful array of hampers and gifts that are sure to not only impress your clients but fill them with an appreciation of their relationship with you and your business. It’s a powerful reminder of the bond between businesses.


But how do you wish them Merry Christmas in an appropriate corporate way? For many businesses saying ‘Thanks. Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year,’ is all it takes. But if you want your business to be taken seriously and stand out from the ordinary, then sending the right message can be as vital as the gift or hamper itself.


At Purely Gourmet, our experience has shown these 5 messages to be the most popular and heartfelt. Let your corporate clients know what they mean to you and your business. Of course Purely Gourmet has just the right hampers to match any formal style gift you need.

1.     The Formal Approach

There are times when the matey slap on the back, beer and nuts celebration is perfectly apt. There are those time however, when something more formal is appropriate. You may want to add a message like:

  • Best wishes for the Season. Looking forward to great accomplishments in the New Year. Regards…
  • Many thanks for a productive year. May the festive season be a happy time for you and your loved ones. With best wishes and glad tidings…
  • For you and your dedicated staff, may your holiday season be full of good cheer and happy days. All the best…


2.     The Casual Approach

When you’ve put in the time, the deals and the relationship-building, and you’ve come to know each other pretty well, then the Casual Approach may be the best way to go – afterall tailoring your approach to the personality of the recipient is always a good thing. It demonstrates your knack for developing the business bond even further. This is where ‘matey’ is a very good thing and hampers that have specialty beers or gourmet bites are perfect. See the Purely Gourmet range for your best options.


Messages that may be right for this style at Christmas, could be: -

  • Have a great Christmas mate. Hope you all have a blast. Best. From…
  • Well we did it eh? Great working with you. From us to you. Merry Christmas.
  • Have a well deserved break. Great working with you. Happy holidays.


3.      The Elegant, Stylish Approach

When a little more sophistication is in order, then the magnificent array of gifts and hampers from Purely Gourmet, is just the thing. Top shelf items such as wines, craft beers, exquisite spa goods and best quality gourmet foods are chosen as part of Purely Gourmet’s dedication to providing only the best for you, their most valued customer. 


The accompanying card may read: -

  • With our very best wishes at Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday.
  • Please enjoy this small token of our appreciation. Best holiday wishes.
  • We have enjoyed our association with you and your business. Looking forward to more in the upcoming year.


4.     The Spiritual Approach

When you know what ethos is espoused by your corporate client, then it becomes easy to select premium quality gifts or hampers to suit. Many contemporary businesses are proud of the religion, philosophy and beliefs they hold. They may even choose to run their businesses accordingly. This is the perfect time to share the celebration of a special holiday.

Purely Gourmet’s vast and adaptable gifts and hampers can be styled to suit the most select of clients. Ramadan, Divali, NAIDOC are also times of celebration. Why not call our friendly staff to discuss the specific needs you have.


Your card could say something like…

  • Merry Christmas and a very happy and blessed New Year.
  • With blessings and celebrations in the Merry Holy Christmas ahead.
  • May God’s blessings and good will be with you and your loved ones during this very Merry Christmas.

5.      The Family Approach

Christmas has long been a time of family gatherings and community togetherness. And a lot of businesses are family affairs – it’s always been that way. So, when you’re considering your Christmas gift or hamper, think of how well it could be shared and enjoyed. Purely Gourmet has amazing hamper selections that have a little something for everyone. And if you have clients with particular preferences, then our very helpful and experienced staff can guide you through all your options. Easy.


Some messages you may want to include: -

  • Wishing you and your family a very happy and Merry Christmas from…
  • Have a wonderful, well-earned Merry Family Christmas from…
  • From our family to yours – please have a blessed Merry Christmas


Other Corporates for your consideration…

While it is vital that your business further cements relations with your customers/clients, what is also clear is that some nod of appreciation be given to the indispensable others that form part of the successes you enjoy.


You may want to consider your staff, without whom your business life would not be as successful. Some gifts and hampers for them always go a long way to endearing them to you and your business. Purely Gourmet has a wide selection of gifts and hampers, that are just right for a general or individual and personal Merry Christmas wish.


Considering your partners at Christmas time is a no-brainer – why wouldn’t you want to gift them at this time of celebration and rejuvenation? And your partners would necessarily include those who have been your best allies – your suppliers, your advisors, your buds. Letting them know how you appreciate them and their contribution lays the foundation for more ‘good times’ to come. Purely Gourmet’s range is amazing and spot on.


And what about your customers? Without them there would be nothing. Right? Just a small token to let them know you’re appreciative and enjoying your working relationship with them is enough to cement loyalty and anticipation. Purely Gourmet’s range is extensive and specialised enough to make your connection tangible. Enjoy.


Christmas is the most celebrated public holiday in the country. Why not capitalise on it and let all and sundry in on your relationship and profit building secret – sharing the joy.

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