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The Perfect New Mum Hamper Gift Ideas

Having a baby is a wonderful and exciting time in anyone’s life - a life that will never be the same. After a long pregnancy, finally, your little bundle of joy is in the world. However, if you know a friend who is a new mum, you know that it isn’t all fun and games, and you probably also know she isn’t getting enough sleep! You want to help her to celebrate her new baby, but also allow her to grab some relaxation when she can.

Short of offering to babysit (which probably will also be quite welcome sometime soon!), a hamper is a wonderful way to show your friend that you care and want her to enjoy these precious moments while also getting a little time for herself. We have collected some of the most perfect new mum hamper gift ideas so that the new mum in your life feels loved, treasured, and ready to take on the challenges of her new life.

Breakfast in bed

This one might take a little coordination with your friend or relative’s partner. New mums are notorious for struggling to relax, even when they get the opportunity to, so you can get her the gift of a breakfast in bed hamper. This hamper is designed to help her kick back and chill out in a way she might not expect, so even if the day is crazy, she will enjoy a great start to it. Every moment matters when you have a new baby in the house, so grabbing an hour to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed could be just what the doctor ordered.

The pamper hamper

A new mum deserves to be treated like the queen she is. While there might not be time for spa days for a while, she can still enjoy the spa experience at home. You can head over and keep her company, or offer to babysit to give her a little time to unwind. This pamper hamper is filled with things to let the new mum you know unwind and reconnect with herself, or just take a very relaxing nap. It is the perfect way for her to feel like she has had a spa day in the comfort of her own home, even if she won’t let the baby out of her sight just yet. Get her some scented candles and suggest some gentle mood music so that she can truly get the most from this ultimate relaxation hamper.

Mum’s night in

Mums rarely get a night off or a night out, so give the new mum you know a great night in with a hamper filled with Chandon Brut and some antipasto ingredients to snack on while relaxing with a book or movie. It can be lonely to have a new baby, so why not head around with this hamper and enjoy a mini girls’ night in? This classy hamper is the ideal companion and it is a lovely way to remind that new mum she isn’t alone and that she still has plenty of friends ready to spend time with her and help out. It is also a wonderful way to celebrate that new little one who might be a lot of hard work, but is worth every moment!

Snacks matter

New mums are often rushed off their feet trying to fit in all their new responsibilities. It is all too easy to forget basic self-care. With sleepless nights and constant caregiving, they might even be forgetting to eat regularly. A snack hamper gives new mums little bits and pieces that they can nibble on throughout the day, keeping their strength up whatever the day might throw at them. Choose one to suit her taste and remind her that she needs to eat. It is more important than ever, after all. Trust us, she will thank you for such a delicious and practical hamper!

Date night

Remember, while the new mum should be your priority, she might have a partner who is also working hard in these early days with the new baby! It can be difficult for couples to adjust to having a new baby in the home, as they cannot head out on a date night and reconnect. Besides that, everything is so much busier and more chaotic than it was before, and they are tired all the time. While your new mum friend might not want to go out to a fancy restaurant on a date night with her partner, she can still enjoy a relaxing night. A date night hamper is the perfect way to give her a chance to reconnect with her partner and spend some time together watching a movie or just catching up on how crazy life is now. With beer, wine and snacks, all the bases are covered for the perfect indoor date.

This can be a great gift to give a new mum who might be reluctant to share her feelings. She might be stressed or anxious, and the date night hamper can help the conversation flow, or it can just give new parents a chance to chill out together while the baby sleeps!

While having a new baby is a wonderful time, these hampers just might make the harder moments a little easier. Whether the new mum in your life needs to kick back and relax or just enjoy the odd moment for herself, you can help her with any one of these wonderful hampers. For all of these and more, browse our full Purely Gourmet range and celebrate the incredible new addition to the world while reminding that new mum she still needs to think about herself, too.

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