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Why Do Australians Celebrate Christmas In July?

If you are a proud Aussie, you will have heard of Christmas in July. What you may not know is why we celebrate Christmas in the middle of the winter as well as the summertime Christmas celebration that the whole world joins in with.

But why do we celebrate it? While Christmas in July is quite new and unofficial, it is also becoming a firm part of Australian culture and something to look forward to during the winter months.

We are diving into this new tradition and looking at how you might get the most out of Christmas in July.

When is Christmas in July?

Unlike traditional Christmas, which, of course, falls on 25th December every year, there is no firm date for Australia’s July Christmas. You may be invited to a Christmas party at any point in July. However, in keeping with the theme, most gatherings take place on or around the 25th of July, breaking up the year with a little mid-point celebration.

Where did it come from?

So, when did all this begin? There is no firm answer as to when Christmas in July became such a popular tradition, but the phrase has been used in Australia since the 1980s. It is thought to originate from the movie called Christmas in July, released in 1940. And, just like in the movie, this unofficial holiday is used to spread festive cheer to Australians who do not have much to brighten up the winter months (short though they may be).

Also known as Yuletide or Yulefest, this event was possibly sparked off by some visitors from Ireland in the 1980s who saw snow falling in the Australian winter and began to miss their home. Originally only held in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, the tradition soon spread to other parts of the country.

Why do we celebrate Christmas in July?

If you live in a different country or grew up overseas, then it might seem strange to have Christmas in July. Christmas is for December, right? And you can wrap up warm in ugly sweaters and stroll a festive market, perhaps even enjoy some snow.

Rather than a full roast and a roaring fire, Aussies are more used to enjoying a scorching hot Christmas! 25th December, of course, falls in the middle of our southern hemisphere summertime, so we don’t get the bundled up, hot chocolate version of Christmas.

Christmas in July gives Australia the chance to enjoy a cooler celebration. While it probably won’t snow, you can still see your friends and family and enjoy a Christmas closer to the northern hemisphere one you see in all the festive movies!

Who else enjoys this tradition?

Amazingly, Christmas in July is not only something that happens in Australia. While it makes the most sense here due to the weather, America also has an interest in the tradition. This is, in part, because of the movie we mentioned before, which prompted people to try it for themselves. It is worth mentioning that American companies mostly used Christmas in July to create marketing campaigns for sales around this time, however, it has since become a little more fun for people, who eat festive fare and don Santa hats. It’s a great reason to get together with your family and friends, after all!

Christmas for everyone

Christmas in July is beloved by Australians but is especially popular with those who used to live in the northern hemisphere and miss their usual chilly Christmas event. It can be quite a change to go from snow and mulled wine to beaches and barbecues!

Not only that, but it is a fun and lighthearted way for everyone to get involved with the celebration, which can be especially fun for those who do not take part in the annual celebration due to religious or cultural reasons. Christmas in July is just that little bit different.

Top tips for an amazing July Christmas

So, how can you organise your next Christmas in July? There are so many opportunities for you to make the most of this unconventional event and brighten up those grey days in the middle of winter. To truly make the most of Christmas in July, you will need to gather your friends and family, or simply organise a wonderful event at your office.

The important thing to remember is that, just like Christmas in December, this is a time to enjoy yourself and indulge in the finer things. So, if you are an office manager setting up an event for your staff, don’t forget to bring the fun with a Mini Snacks Hamper that can be enjoyed in a workplace. A hamper like this is a wonderful way to give the event a little extra festive flair. If you are having an event with your family, you may want to go with something more lavish, such as a Chandon & Antipasto Hamper, to give that little extra taste of festivity.

Remember, to get the most from Christmas in July, you can put on some festive music, get dressed up to the nines, and enjoy all those colder weather activities you will not get to do when our actual Christmas arrives! The most vital ingredient to your Christmas in July, even more than the fairy lights and ugly sweaters, is the people you love - the more, the merrier!

As you can see, Christmas in July is a beloved tradition that is very popular in Australia and elsewhere in the world. While we have the regular 25th December Christmas celebration to enjoy first, will you be planning for Christmas in July next winter? It is a great way to get together with your closest loved ones, eat good food, and perhaps even enjoy a bonfire… if it isn’t too warm!

If you want a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas, Christmas in July, or any other event, then check out our full range of hampers at Purely Gourmet. We know what it takes to create a special moment, so whether you are looking for food or gifts, take a look.

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