New Year’s Day is a worldwide celebration that marks the change from one year to the next. New Year’s Day is the first day of the new year, which, in 2025, will fall on a Wednesday. However, it’s a public holiday in Australia, which means you can enjoy ringing in the new year to your heart’s content and have no worries about having to head to school or work the next day!

Who sees New Year first?

Australia is one of the first countries to see in the New Year, and for this reason, it can become an even bigger celebration there than in other countries. Eastern Australia, including Melbourne and Sydney, bring in the New Year first before central Australia. This occurs almost a full 24 hours before the last countries in the world see the New Year.

How is New Year’s celebrated in Australia?

The celebrations kick off on New Year’s Eve for most as people gather for celebrations with their loved ones at home or in public spaces where they will welcome the New Year. Many Australians head to Sydney Harbour Bridge or other bridges and beaches where they watch the midnight fireworks which are launched from the bridge.