Mini Gourmet Tea Chest 60g – Tea Tonic

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Tea is the only element that gets many out of bed for work in the morning. When you can have a unique flavor each day with Mini Gourmet Tea Chest 60g – Tea Tonic, that's an additional incentive to rise and shine!

So don't wait to get home this adorable little box with the collection of the most delightful organic and non-organic teas.

  • Four cavities with 32 individually wrapped tea bags
  • Includes a beautiful little tin chest that's worth keeping even when you're out of teas
  • Unbleached tea bags with a complete range of flavours

Customer Reviews

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Neil Dutt
High quality tea collection

It's a fantastic collection of high quality teas. The metal box is handy and sturdy and could be used over n over.

All flavours have a strong taste and aroma to them.