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How to write the perfect love letter

Love letters, notes and surprises – just for him.

Delight and Surprise Him with Romance, Gifts and Letters of Love

There are things just he loves and enjoys – things that bring him happy thoughts and feelings. You also know however, that there are things that … well, that he would rather not have, or smell, or taste or do. You’ve learnt these the hard way.

For a start, the easiest, sweetest and possibly most personal way in which to express your love for him, is by popping a note into his day-to-day life. Spontaneous expressions of how much you care, of how much he means to you and of how beautiful life is with him in it, go a long way to building and maintaining a successful relationship.

Great romances don’t just happen – they evolve from the actions of those who are in love. Keeping it strong though, amidst the hussle and bustle of everyday life, can be problematic.

Taking just a few moments to express how you feel about him can make a huge difference to the quality of any union. We all like to know we’re appreciated and cherished. Finding a note of thanks, support, love and caring is a fun, personal and unique way in which to strengthen the bonds of love.

11 sweet, cute and mindful ways to express your love of Him


The great romances of the ages were filled with nods to the feelings and passions each had for the other – a note, a letter, a token, a gift. No matter how big or small the gesture, letting him know how you feel, is always a winner.

Try some of these acts of love that will surprise and delight him.

  1. I Love You When… notes hidden around the house, his car, his lunch box, serve to remind him that you’re thinking of him and that you are both in this together. Adapt the notes to your own wonderful relationship. Some of these may help to get you started.
    1. I love you when you doze off in front of the tele
    2. I love you when you hop around trying to take your socks off
    3. I love you when shampoo gets on your face and you quickly brush it away
    4. I love you when you sleep with your arms around me
  2. Romance in the lunch box – when he’s in the middle of a hurly-burly day try some of these suggestions that will be sure to bring a smile.
    1. A colourful note
    2. A personal token
    3. Some added tid-bits of lunch ingredients
    4. A smiley sanga
    5. A surprise for unwrapping
  3. Pack a Picnic Parcel Surprise – whether you drag him out to the terrace, the backyard, the beach or the kitchen, why not delight him with a romantic, just for the two of you picnic packed with all the goodies he likes to share with his beloved.
  4. Read his favourite novel – snuggled on the lap of the one you love can create memories for a lifetime. Pick up the book he’s been trying to read for the last three years and enjoy the adventure together.
  5. Surprise gifts – love gestures don’t have to wait for special occasions, in fact, the more impromptu the better – what says ‘I love you’ more definitely and romantically than giving a gift of love? You know about the things that float his boat – surprise him with them.
  6. Tickets to the Game – whether it’s the game of footy, ballet, basket-weaving or opera, what a great way to surprise him when he’s least expecting it.
  7. Pamper Spa Day – run the bath or spa, drop rose petals galore around the room, light your scented romance candles and pop him in a delightful experience that he’ll remember and appreciate.
  8. Join the Jog – whatever his fun activity is, jogging, biking, fishing, walking or knitting, why not join in his joy and let him know you love him at all times in all ways. You might just develop a shared activity that lasts a lifetime.
  9. I Love You Because … write a beautiful, heartfelt note that tells him why you love him madly – because he’s funny, because he cries in sad movies, because he loves the kitten next-door. It’s another way to tell him just how you feel and how much he really does mean to you.
  10. Love Texts – each day text a message of love and tenderness. Add the extra touch with an image that means a lot to both of you.
  11. Laugh a Lot – even in the busiest and most hectic of days, find a few seconds to look at each other and laugh. They say it’s the best medicine. Why not try it in large doses?


Best for Last – must do food. Must do Hamper. Must do Pamper.

You know he’s never more focussed than when he’s in front of a plate of food that he loves. And it’s true, many a man’s heart has been won through food. Cooking up a storm of his favourites is a wonderful, heart-felt way of saying ‘I love you.’ But then there’s the mess and the clean-up and the wipe-downs.

So, why not say it with a specially selected hamper that is sure to rock his world?

The Best Purely Gourmet Hampers for Him

At Purely Gourmet he’ll be over the moon with the quality and quantity of top-shelf goods that have been selected with his specific tastes in mind. Have a look at these amazing, purely delectable hampers that will have you both even more in love with each other.

The Peppermint Grove Pamper Hamper - Sophisticated, elegant & timeless

  • Inspired by the opulence of grand old estates, stunning private gardens & heirloom antiques, Peppermint Grove brings luxury and timeless sophistication to modern-day contemporary living.
  • Hamper Includes:
  • - Soy Candle 350g – Peppermint Grove
  • - Room Diffuser 350ml – Peppermint Grove
  • - Hand Cream 75ml – Peppermint Grove
  • - Hand & Body Wash 500ml – Peppermint Grove
  • - Hand & Body Cream 500ml – Peppermint Grove
  • - Bath Salts 200g – Peppermint Grove
  • - Soap Bar 200g – Peppermint Grove
  • Comes in a well-presented black box with a pink bow. 
  • Free Delivery Included!



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