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Inspire & Empower Great Staff with Gourmet Gift Hampers.

Looking To Inspire & Empower Great Staff?

Support and Motivate them with Gourmet Gift Hampers.

We all know that you get a whole lot more out of people when you treat them with kindness and support – even more so when those people are your trusted staff and employees who work so hard to keep your business thriving. There’s also a lot of pride that goes into their masterful workmanship. And when they’ve done a great job, it’s a blast for everyone to reward them, especially for you, their employer.

Whether it’s a celebration day, end of financial year party, end of year festive season, new year’s, birthdays or just as an out-of-the-blue thankyou, what better way of surprising and delighting them than with a carefully selected specialty gift-box or hamper, delivered straight to your/their door?

Research has shown that performance quotients are higher when staff feel appreciated and are treated as stakeholders in the success of their workplace. They are more likely to go the extra mile for output and production rates if they love their jobs. And when it comes down to it, they also feel a great sense of pride when they are engaged in the success of your business.  They love to be associated with a business that is doing well.

So, the impact of presenting them with a beautiful gift of appreciation can have multiple benefits, for them and for your business.

Some of these could be:

  • The joy and appreciation of being recognized at work for a job well done
  • Rewarding a valued staff member for the success of a particular project
  • Raising staff morale so that everyone feels good at work
  • Maintaining and/or raising positive staff attitudes so that workers care for each other as well as for their job goals
  • Improving productivity for the benefit of all
  • Increasing motivation and inspiration
  • Demonstrating positive feedback so that your employees receive the support they like to have
  • Contributing to staff well-being
  • Letting them know you’re a supportive and positive employer who does care about the team and the individual

So what is the best way to add incentives and/or gifts to the workplace? How about some of these suggestions?

Should you choose a gift box or hamper?

There are so many times and occasions that your workplace celebrates in any one year. And there are also the times of hard and fast runs where pressures can grow and cause discomfort. These often release in the form of misunderstandings, increased errors and breakdowns in communication between management and staff.  Keeping it smooth and running well at all times, can be enhanced with some targeted and well-organised gift giving.

The next time you have team-building exercises, or get togethers try these amazing rewards to incentivize and thank your employees.


12 Creative Rewards Gifts that your Employees will simply adore…


  1. Baskets of cookies and coffee or tea, or even a hot chocolate are a fun and easy way to say, ‘Great Job!’ or ‘Nice to have you on board.’ It’s a simple yet very effective way of validating staff individually or collectively.
  2. Picnic Pamper Packs that are fun and support A Great Work Day Out – can really express your attitude of appreciation for all your employees. Packed with yummo treats and beverages, this is a really great way to enjoy a work sports day, picnic day or a team-building exercises day.
  3. A Dive Box of selected chocolates like Rocky Road, Salted Caramel, Peanut Brittle, Almond and Hazelnut Cocoa Bites, Honey Crunch Rocks and a whole lot more, is a really cost effective and fun way of saying ‘Wow, well done you.’ Just grab a very large gift bag, the type you get at holiday seasons, and pop the rewards in. With eyes closed, staff get to ‘dive in’ and choose a surprise just for them.
  4. Breakfast Box Goodie Bags filled with Spiced Mixed Nuts, Blueberry & Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Rosemary and Pink Salt Cashews, Raspberry and Rhubarb Preserve, Dried Sun Kissed Mango or Gourmet Mountain Granola, not to mention a whole lot more
  5. Travel Gift Bags can be small good quality totes or wet packs with Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle Soap, Freesia and Berries Hand & Body Wash, Oceania Hand & Body Cream, with more to choose from
  6. Wine and Gourmet Goodies – choosing from a Champagne and sweets hamper or a beer and antipasto pack means all your employees are well looked after and appreciated
  7. Hamper Packs for fun and laughs – selecting items that are fun, such as balloons or plushies or gourmet delights can add that extra bit of joy to an employee’s day
  8. Choc Box – whether it’s a Rocky Road Block or a Snowy Road Block, Milky Road or Dark Orange Chocolate, this delicious and delightful selection can put the energy into anyone’s day
  9. Spa Packs – with candles, soaps, diffusers, plush loungewear and body washes, every day can be a reward spa day
  10. Mixed Drinks Hamper – beer, wine, non-alc drinks and nibbles can be a real party-starter for an after-work celebration of a job well done
  11. Party Hamper Pack – gift boxes, antipasto and wine box, champers and sweets or beers and movie hamper – each and every one is designed for the best of fun and good feeling, especially from an employer who really cares enough to inspire and motivate them
  12. Sauces & Salts Pack – something for everyone in this great seek and sort pack. There can be truffle oils, lemon and pepper extra virgin olive oil, honey and seeded mustard dressing, caramelized balsamic vinegar and a heap more


On Really Special Occasions, spoil them with gorgeous Luxury Hampers

A really good employer knows what’s what with their employees. Sometimes a hand-shake or a shoulder tap are enough to show you care and support them. Other times you might want something a little more tangible and fun, like the ideas listed above. But then there are those occasions when being serious in your commendation is what is required.

When you want to let them all know how well they’re doing; when you need some of them to stand above the others; when a big thankyou is needed, then these are some of the things you should consider.



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