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Pamper The New Mum In Your Life with a Pamper Hamper

Pamper the new mum in your life…

When you consider the entire history of the world has gone into the creation of this beautiful new baby, then you want to honour their arrival in just the right way – and that begins with a big wow of wonder and thanks to the mother of this piece of perfection.

After what can be a tiring and exhausting time, a new mum needs to know she is loved and appreciated by those around her. She deserves a little pampering in just the right way. What better way to say Thankyou, Way to Go, Welcome home, Love all the way and Just for You, than by spoiling her with a Purely Hamper Gift Basket.

The comforting and celebratory packages are teeming with gifts to share, enjoy and indulge in. There are soothing skin care products, diffusers, calming teas, soft plush robes and tasty nibbles that are sure to delight.

Delicious and carefully selected treats abound in all of our hampers so choosing the right one for this special new mum and bub will be easy and fun. There’s champagne, chocolate, gourmet cookies, fun pancake mix, marshmallows, skin creams, lotions and a whole lot more.

7 Adored Keepsakes to pop into the gift hamper.

For the unique personal touch that can only come from you, why not consider popping in one of these stunning keepsakes that mum and bub will share for years to come. The added surprise can come from any number of personalised items. Here are just some of the most popular ones that have proven to be mum-and-bub favourites.

  1. Baby’s First Book – this glorious and enchanting book details all the memorable milestones in baby’s first year. Realising that mum may be busy with baby for a lot of the time, this helpful and thoughtful gift will be a real keepsake that will be a record of who, what, where and how baby’s first milestones occurred.
  2. Personalised laser-cut name blocks are a very popular addition to any nursery and demonstrate the care you have shown in choosing something that’s just right for mum and baby. Beautiful.
  3. Swaddle and bunny rugs are a soft and soothing way in which to wrap a new-born. It’s also soft for mum too. And yes, it’s just perfect for when they both fall asleep on it. Lush, plush and uniquely comforting.
  4. A silver or ornate photo frame is the perfect surround for a baby pic. Pop one of these into the basket. It will be treasured for a long time to come.
  5. Hand-made personalised creations are always a unique, exceptional and inimitable way in which to celebrate a new life and the mum who made it happen. These one-off gifts can be in the form of hand-made cot blankets, personalised wallpaper borders, baby’s name ceramic tiles and a whole lot more.
  6. A laser cut keepsake box for all the cards mum and baby have received is really helpful.
  7. A beautiful gold or silver, or hand-made baby bracelet (with a matching one for mum if you like) engraved with the baby’s name is a forever gift that demonstrates thoughtfulness and love.


7 Heartfelt ways to show you love and support her

In the buzz around the arrival of a new baby, it can be a daunting time for mum, especially if this is her first one. With everyone oohing and aahhing at the newborn, she can feel a little left out. This is where your thoughtfulness and kind attention to what she may need, comes right to the fore.

Instead of giving her something that you like, that may not necessarily be her style, why not consider something from the list below. It has been compiled with reference to the most popular gifts a new mum loves best.

Gifts don’t need to be expensive or outrageous, a small but exquisite gift is just the thing to consider, afterall at this time there are often gifts and sentiments coming from all sorts of places and people. You want yours to be one of the few expressions of love and support that have been well chosen and well considered.

A lot of the time it can be about a cup of tea, a scented candle, a bubbly bath.

Check these out:

  1. Gift-wrap a collection of her favourite music so she can just relax and chill out while bub sleeps
  2. Say hi and run the bath for her, use lots of bubbles and candles
  3. Grab her favourite cup or mug and make her fave hot drink
  4. Champers and a share plate of antipasto or cheeses with lots of laughs and cuddles is a wonderful surprise
  5. A special pack of gourmet chocolates is a great indulgence for when it’s needed most
  6. Throw an intimate champagne party with her closest friends and enjoy
  7. Popping round with a gift of flowers, journals and dvds is a cosy rejuvenation


These are the most loved pamper hampers – choosing yours

When gourmet hamper businesses listen, really listen to their customers, they are guaranteed to be right on trend with their gift options. They know what it takes to pamper the new mum. There are skin care options for her use and delight. There are also bath salts, candles, plush robes, gourmet sweets and treats and all things nice.

At Purely Gourmet every day for a new mum can be a celebration.

A BREAKFAST IN BED HAMPER is one of the most popular hampers. -  with Blueberry Buttermilk Organic Pancake Mix, Chefs Choice Organic Maple Syrup,  Fraus Seriously Rich Hot Chocolate, Grounded Pleasure Marshmallows, Charlies Cookies Melting Moments and Whisk & Pin Mixed berries, mum can indulge to her heart’s delight. What a way to start the day.

THE PAMPER HAMPER – PREMIUM: Deluxe, romantic, relaxing and soothing. Select One of:

Alkoomi Franklin River Sav Blanc 750ml/ Alkoomi Franklin River Shiraz 750ml/ Fraus Vanilla Chai

Then enjoy: Bambury Microplush Bath Robe Length, Peppermint grove bath salts, Australian Botanical Organic Lavender Soap, Bramble & Hedge Nougat, Charlies Cookies Melting Moments, Wisk & Pin Spiced Nuts, arvest Box Banana Chips Chocolate Goji Berries & Seeds, Wisk & Pin Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites, Human Bean Co Faba Beans.

What a sumptuous way to just breathe, laugh, love, share.

There’s a deluxe, tailored and indulgent hamper pack for every type of mum. Enjoy and relax.



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